Here at Rosita we are astonished to see the amount of disinformation about ratfish liver oil (and other liver oils) circulating on the internet. It is amazing to see how far some companies are willing to go to sell their products by deceiving people who simply want to improve their health. Some of these sellers purchase their livers on the open market or from brokers - and then try to claim that they are selling the “gold standard".

They try to achieve sales by generating lies and disinformation about their products and other products on the market. A perfect example of this is the confusion created by companies claiming that skate liver oil is the same as Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil. 

Some people even claim that skate fish are related to (or are the same as) ratfish. Any marine zoologist would tell you that this is absurd! Ratfish (Chimaera monstrosa) are part of the Chimaeridae family, while Skate fish belong to the Rajidae family. Put simply. ratfish and skate are not even from the same biological family, let along the same species. 

We at Rosita Real Foods KNOW we have superior genuine products, and we must admit that we should actually be happy for all the publicity this product gets globally. It goes to show that we indeed have a great product when others use our product and name in their marketing. 

Rosita Real Foods is the only official producer of authentic artisan extra-virgin fish liver oils. Our extra-virgin oils are a world away from the processed or so-called fermented products out there. Our oils are obtained from fish that we ourselves sustainably harvest from the remote wild, and are extracted using rare methods and craftsmanship employed by the ancient Norse people.   These are “living oils” derived from beautiful fresh livers with all their naturally occurring nutrients intact. Everything we do is done with respect to the practices of our ancient ancestors. 

Our company ethos is to preserve tradition, be in harmony with nature and serve our world with superior products while always doing business with integrity. 

A substantial proportion of the money we have generated from our Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ has been invested in the development of new products. Through our time in research and development we have attracted people and companies globally with the same ethos and passion for genuine artisan methods and the need to preserve tradition. As a result of our association with larger companies, doctors, scientists, universities and government-linked institutions, we have grown into a company with the capability of expanding our very unique product portfolio. Consequently, we have launched the first of our new products – Rosita Real Foods™ Artisan Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil. This is quite simply the rarest and most authentic cod liver oil in the world.